Be ready for retirement

Tax efficient investing to provide a comfortable retirement income to help you live the life you want on retirement. To help cover the regular living costs and to provide for the extra expenditures and holidays in retirement.

How we get results?

Helping you to plan to meet your desired income on retirement by saving into the right pension plan.

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Financial Review

A comprehensive financial review meeting is undertaken to make a financial assessment. This helps us to discover where you are now and how to build the right plan for your situation

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Face to Face

A personal approach in getting to know what your aims and objectives are for when you retire

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Regular Reviews

Regular reviews will help to identify if you are on target to meet your desired needs and objectives for retirement

What you can do in retirement

We work with you to make your retirement exactly what you dream about, from retiring early to using your pension to fund holidays.

  1. Create a flexible retirement income
  2. Take a percentage of your pot as a one-off tax free lump sum or a combination of tax free lump sum and taxable lump sum
  3. Flexibility to take out an annuity in future
  4. Take your whole pot as cash
  5. Select a sum to include tax free lump sum and taxable lump sum
  6. Start and stop income payments