Protection when your business needs it most

Protecting your business is essential, we work with you to make sure your assets, the owners and key people are protected in the event of early death or critical illness. A key person can seriously impact the future success of a business.

Why is protection important?

A business is affected if a key member of the business dies or is off work due to a long term illness or suffers a specified critical/serious illness and the right protection can help to reduce the impact on a business.

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Share Security

Protection helps to keep control over the business and avoids loss of shares due to lack of funding at the time needed

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Loan Protection

Loans repaid in the event of death or critical illness to protect the business security

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Key Employee Protected

Protection cover helps to pay for expertise lost as a result of the death or diagnosis of a specified critical illness of key employee to ensure the business continues to function

How we protect you

Here are the various ways in which we actually keep you protected.

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Life Cover

Payment of a lump sum in the event of early death

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Critical/Serious Illness Cover

Payment of a lump sum in the event of the diagnosis of a specified serious illness within the term of the plan

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Income Protection

Income protection in the event of long term illness or disability